#1 Solar Installer in SE Minnesota, #6 in the State

#1 Solar Installer in SE Minnesota, #6 in the State

We are excited to hear that Aquilla Solar ranked as the #6 in Minnesota in Solar Power World Magazine’s 2017 Top Solar Contractors list for the amount of solar installed, and #1 in South East Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.  Aquilla also made the top 500 in country at #434! It’s hard to believe how fast the growth has been over the last three years.

Considering the top two companies were not even solar companies, but either a utility or large construction company, Aquilla actually ranked number 4 in the Minnesota for solar installers!

The dedication and “sweat equity” of the working Aquilla owners is really shown by the the amount of kW installed per employee compared to to other companies. This year we, as well as our subcontractors, have added additional staff to manage the increase in sales and keep up the quality of our service to our customers.

This year promises to be a great year with over 250 kW already installed. It looks like we will easily surpass last year’s total… by this time last year, we hadn’t even started our installations!!!

Though the Made in Minnesota program was cancelled for next year, we have seen a a great increase in sales due to the popularity of our group buy programs! Our staff has been busy doing free solar estimates, site surveys, group talks, and coordinating installs to make sure that we have all the projects completed before the snow flies!


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