MN Live Bald Eagle Cam — 100% Solar Power!

MN Live Bald Eagle Cam — 100% Solar Power!

Did you know that the name Aquilla means ‘eagle’?

Our Aquilla Solar offices are right here in Wabasha, Minnesota, which is also home to the National Eagle Center.  Located on the mighty Mississippi River, Wabasha is a great for eagle watching.

Birds of all sorts are beginning their northern migration up the Mississippi river.  Early March is also the time of year when bald eagles are nesting and hatching their young eaglets.

To get an bird’s eye view of bald eagle parents in action, check out the Minnesota Bound LIVE Bald Eagle Cam!

This 100% SOLAR powered camera is located over 75 feet in the air over a bald eagle’s nest in south central Minnesota (..not too far from our Aquilla Solar offices).

It looks like the pair of bald eagles is up to at least two eggs already, and the eaglets will be hatching in about a month.  Check it out!