Kellogg Commercial Solar 19.5kW

Kellogg Commercial Solar 19.5kW2017-10-05T10:49:54+00:00

Project Description

This commercial solar installation has an excellent southern exposure on a shed that with no obstructions.

As part of Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program, this solar array will earn an .08 cents per kW rebate for solar energy produced over the next ten years. Each year for ten years, the host will receive a check from Xcel Energy for every solar kW hour produced, regardless of usage.

This solar PV system is made up of 60 Jinko 325 watt solar panels and a Solar Edge inverter and optimizer.  All solar components come with a full 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This installation host is also an electrician and one of the solar site installers for Aquilla Solar.