Kellogg Residential Solar 9.88Kw

Kellogg Residential Solar 9.88Kw 2017-10-02T14:18:02+00:00

Project Description

Just down the highway from the Aquilla office lies the small town of Kellogg, Minnesota.  Residents have embraced solar power here just as homeowners and business owners in Wabasha and Winona. Living along the Mississippi and driving scenic Highway 61 gives everyone raised in the area a great appreciation for the natural beauty of the prairie, bluffs, and river. Solar power just seems like a natural way to go for the forward thinking people in this small town.

This residential solar array will more than meet the demands of the home and will reach a break even in 7-8 years. This solar PV installation is actually made up of four different solar arrays, which are placed pretty much every place imaginable position that gets hit by the southern sun on the home and garage!