La Crescent Residential Solar 9.88 kW

La Crescent Residential Solar 9.88 kW2017-11-27T13:32:33+00:00

Project Description

This residential solar system in La Crescent has a great southern exposure.  The average annual solar access is over 93% in this location, making it optimal for the solar installation. The system will produce about 110% of the homeowner’s average annual energy use. 

Even though there is a pine tree directly to the south of a portion of the solar array, most of the shadow does not hit the solar panels until winter when they don’t get much exposure from the sun anyway.  Plus, there will never be any additional construction or trees planted to the south since they are on a hill that drops down to a two lane road.

For every year it is in service, this solar installation will eliminate as much greenhouse gas emissions as not driving 20,244 vehicle miles per year, or the same as planting 6.97 acres of forest per year. This is also a great way to add value to your home that is exempt from property tax assessment!