Red Wing Commercial Solar 19.76 kW

Red Wing Commercial Solar 19.76 kW2017-10-31T10:14:05+00:00

Project Description

This 2017 Made in Minnesota program solar installation is a referral from one of our customers in 2016.

The 19.76 kW solar array is made up of 76 Heliene 260 watt solar panels, mounted using rails on a metal roof.  This solar installation will produce about 18,613 kWh’s of renewable solar power annually.

With the Made in MN program payments, depreciation, power savings, and 30% Federal Tax Credit, this commercial solar system will break even in about 8 years. The solar array generates consistent clean green energy for at least the next 17 years of the warranty included with the system. Beyond that, solar installation will continue producing power without a warranty.  After the 10 years of the Made in MN program, the customer has the option to move, upgrade, or take down the system, but we don’t see many people planning on doing that.

The solar panels will degrade about half a percent a year, but they are warrantied to be producing at or above 85% at year 25. This linear power warranty from Heliene, the manufacturer, protects you if a solar panel starts producing less. From the system installation date to year 25, if your solar panel is not producing as estimated, Heliene will ship a replacement.