Rochester Residential Solar 39.96 kW

Rochester Residential Solar 39.96 kW2017-11-12T18:48:56+00:00

Project Description

This large residential solar ground mount is made up of 148 Jinko Solar 270 watt modules and 74 APsystems inverters.

The owners are planning ahead for when they will both be looking at fully electric cars to be charged with the power this solar array produces. When the electric vehicles are not plugged in to this solar array, the owners will benefit from twice the amount of power currently used!

Some electric co-ops will let customers over produce well beyond their personal use, and some programs (including the no longer offered Made in Minnesota Program) are exempt from limits. If you are installing solar power and currently have low energy usage, you can always let the utility know that you are planning on an electric vehicle, and they will sometimes bump up the maximum allowed for overproduction. Xcel Energy has a maximum production limit of 120% of the annual kilowatt usage in the last year.

This solar installation also qualified for the 30% Federal Tax Credit for solar. Even without any other incentives, this residential solar array has a less than 10 year break-even and an internal rate of return in the teens.