Wabasha Residential Solar 9.88kW

Wabasha Residential Solar 9.88kW2017-10-11T09:34:41+00:00

Project Description

This 9.88Kw residential solar installation in Wabasha consists of 38 solar panels (260 watt) and 19 APS inverters. This solar array will generate about 9,948 kW of clean solar power each year, taking care of about 70% of the homeowner’s annual usage.

Combined with the Made in Minnesota Solar Incentive Program solar rebate, the homeowner will break even in about 7 years and will be making just over a 10% return on their investment! Not many investments guarantee these kinds of returns, all while doing something that is good for the environment, adds non-taxable value to your home, and lessens our dependence on coal and foreign oil.

With both coal power and natural gas, you loose about 50% in transit to your home… There is no more efficient way to get your home’s power than to have your own little solar power station on the roof!