Winona Commercial Solar 14.56 kW

Winona Commercial Solar 14.56 kW2017-12-01T10:41:35+00:00

Project Description

This commercial solar installation at Winona’s Adventure Cycle and Ski will offset about 65% of their electrical usage .

The owners had just put in a flat, glued-down rubber roof facing SSW on their second story. This means no obstructions for installing the solar array, and the solar panels will protect the rubber roof from hail and harmful UV rays. Since there is virtually no maintenance on the solar PV system, it makes good use of a large unused area.

The solar PV system comes with a standard 25 year warranty on solar panels and inverters. Installing solar is a great way to add tax exempt property value to a building. As a business, there is also the added value of being able to depreciate the system in 5 years, or taking it all in one year using the Section 179 Deduction.

Thanks to the Made in Minnesota solar program, this array has an 8 year break even and an internal rate of return of over 11%. The system will eliminate the equivalent of 11,300 lbs of coal being burned for the power produced and is like planting 8.6 acres of forest per year for the next 25+ years!