Winona Residential 7.28 kW

Winona Residential 7.28 kW2017-11-28T12:48:08+00:00

Project Description

This residential solar array in Winona is sized to meet the exact demand of what the homeowner averaged in power usage in the last year.

Most often, what limits the size of the solar array is the size of the roof or obstructions by buildings and trees. We worked with the customer to determine the optimal placement of these solar panels and recommended sizing the system a little smaller, rather than putting more panels in a shaded area. Aquilla Solar always does its best to recommend the optimal size, location, and financially feasibility of a solar project.

The residential roof-top solar system will eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of 5,560 pounds of coal per year or as much as not driving 12,322 vehicle miles per year!