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$0 Down Solar Financing & Instant Energy Savings for MN Schools & Non-Profits

Installing solar power is a great way to lock in low, reliable energy costs for decades to come, while reducing your organization’s impact on the environment.

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) allows nonprofits–who otherwise cannot take advantage of depreciation expense or tax credits to offset the cost of installing their solar system–to enjoy the same benefits of clean, renewable energy afforded to businesses and homeowners.


Aquilla’s Solar Financing Program pairs your nonprofit organization or school with a private solar investor, who can take advantage of federal tax programs not available to the nonprofits.

The investor then offers to purchase and build a solar array at the nonprofit’s location.  The investor can then sell the solar power generated from that array to the non-profit at electric rates agreed to in the financing offer.   Another option is for the property owner or tenant to lease the solar installation from the financing entity that owns it, in which case there is no sale of power.

Ultimately, the Solar Financing Program creates a path to total solar system ownership after 7-10 years, allowing your nonprofit to own the solar generating assets and save a much greater amount of money in the long-term.

Ideal sites for Solar PPAs include:

  • Minnesota Schools, Government Agencies, & Non-Profits

  • Any Size: Small Schools or Non-Profit Groups, to Large Institutions

  • Organizations that Own a Viable Site for Solar (rooftop solar or ground-mounted arrays)

  • Long-term Vision of Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Benefits of Solar Financing:

  • $0 Upfront Capital Cost

  • Immediate Energy Savings

  • Path to Full Ownership in 7-10 years

  • Clean, Reliable, Sustainable Energy

  • Long-term System Service & Warrantee

Aquilla Solar’s marketing team can set-up your online real-time performance monitors, develop promotional materials to help develop awareness of your organization’s solar array including lobby kiosks, posters, and flyers. We also frequently collaborate with our installation hosts for solar tours, open houses, and other events.

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