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Can the Made in Minnesota Program be combined with Xcel Solar*Rewards?

Yes! You may apply for both. The intention of all the great incentives for solar and renewable energy currently available in Minnesota is to encourage as many people as possible to install solar so that we can achieve our state’s goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. The Solar*Rewards program does have a cap of 120% of average annual energy used. So if your Made in Minnesota (MiM) installation covers all of your power you may not apply for Solar*Rewards. If the MiM installation does not cover your total average usage then you may use Solar*Rewards to cover up to the 120% annual usage.

Can I take advantage of Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards program, as well as the Federal Tax Credit?

Yes! There will be no better time to apply! Minnesota currently has a 30% Tax Credit for solar PV installations!  There is no time like now to invest in residential or business solar PV installations. Aquilla Solar is ready to help Minnesotans make the most of the available solar incentives and tax rebates. Send us an email or give us a call today!

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You may be eligible for numerous rebates and incentives, but some programs do limit participation in others.  Because the application is designed for solar professionals rather than property owners, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is encouraging installers and developers to lead the application process.

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