Sun Harvesting Potential in Minnesota

Sun Harvesting Potential in Minnesota

Though we might have some snowy winters, it still makes a lot of sense to install solar in Minnesota.

Minnesota falls in the middle of the scale for solar sun harvesting potential, but there are unseen advantages that make the Midwest a great region to install solar.

The cooler climate here is actually a benefit because solar panels run more efficiently at cooler temps.  Any temperature increase over 77 degrees Fahrenheit starts lowering the efficiency of solar panels dramatically. For example, a panel that is heated to 113 degrees might see as much as a 25% reduction in power output. The colder it is, the more efficient the solar panels are!

Our frequent small rain showers also help clean the panels from dust and debris. In desert regions, solar installations have to hire companies to periodically clean panels, which cuts into the profit and productivity. Although we get frequent rain in the Midwest, we don’t typically get the damaging thunderstorms or frequent overcast days seen in the southern states.

Now compare our solar harvesting potential to Germany, who is at the far left of the solar harvest chart from the NREL (The National Renewable Energy Laboratory). They generate 7% of their power by PV with renewable energy being 31% of their total power production. Germany has set long-term minimum goals 35% by 2020, 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050! If a country with such a low solar harvest potential can make solar affordable, we should be able to in the U.S.

The rooftop potential in Minnesota is just beginning to be taken advantage of by solar. Businesses with large warehouses and flat roofs are a great opportunity for larger scale solar, as well as homes with larger roofs.

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