Solar Group Buy Programs

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Aquilla Solar Group Buy Program

Have a neighbor that’s interested in solar, a friend, a group in your area?  With as little as two sites you can benefit from the savings of multiple installs.

About one third of the cost of installing solar is labor. A typical residential install takes about 4 hours. By combining installs our crews can leapfrog from installation to installation and pass the savings on to you!

Aquilla will work with you to get the best price available by combining costs for your solar group buy. The savings by combining installations equates to a savings from up to $1,500 on a typical 10 kW residential system with bonus rebates depending on the number of installs in a calendar year.

A typical installation costs from $27,000 for a roof mount, to $32,000 for a ground mount. This is before the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Since these are Aquilla rebates, installs still qualify for the full Tax Credit amount on the original install cost. If you are an Xcel customer you might also qualify for one of Xcel’s rebate programs such as Solar*Rewards in Minnesota or the Focus on Energy Solar Rebate Program in Wisconsin.

Other ways to help us help you save?

  • Local electricians that know solar or are willing to learn
  • Local concrete contractors for ground mount systems
  • Site prep… tree/brush removal, access, grading
  • Pre-Install and Post-Install group meetings

If you live in one of the areas we would be happy to add you to their group buy contact list for 2017.

If you would like to start a group by in your neighborhood please contact us for more information!

Group buy programs may be combined with current the Federal Tax Credit and Xcel Programs but cannot be combined with the Made in Minnesota program.

1-844-353-3841 and ask for our group buy coordinator!

A typical roof mount installation is currently well below $3 a watt!

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